bldc stator

BLDC Stator

brushless dc motor

Brushless DC Motor

cd armature

DC Armature

brushed dc motor

Brushed DC Motor


In it's simplest form a motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

At NEMA we design & manufacture a diverse range of rotating electrical motors and generators with power ranging from 10W to 50kW and size ranges from 0.5” to 15” stator diameters, many of which are used in flight critical and defence applications.

Products developed in-house are bespoke to specific applications.
As an example we have developed a high speed motor/generator with nominal operation between 125-148krpm. The rotor has to withstand centrifugal forces of up to 600,000G!

Our manufacturing techniques range from skilled hand operations to semi-automatic, allowing for prototyping and full rate production.

All production conforms to AS9100 and BS EN ISO 9001 quality standards and procedures.

induction motor

3 Phase Stator & Rotor

induction armature

Induction Armature

brushed dc motor

Brushed DC Motor

brushed dc motor

Brushed DC Motor

We are experienced in a multitude of topologies and wound assemblies:

  • Brushless DC
  • Armature Assemblies
  • Wound Field
  • Squirrel Cage Rotors
  • Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Assemblies

  • Hall Effect Encoders & Resovlers
  • Housed or Unhoused Assemblies
  • Electric Brake Assemblies
  • Generators