Springs & Pressings

NEMA has been established as a spring and pressings manufacturer under the name of Nordale Springs since 1954.

Utilising the latest technology we are able to manufacture all types of springs & pressings to customer design or we can offer a design validation service.


No matter what batch size you require our quality service and expertise remains the same. Modern techniques enable us to provide a flexible service for small batch and 'one off' orders as well as larger quantities.

We have the capabilities to manufacture compression, torsion, tension springs and wireforms in the material size ranges shown below:

  • Flat Springs: Sheet thickness range 0,05 to 3,2mm
  • Spiral Springs: Wire diameter range 0,05 to 6,35mm
  • Auto Coiling: Wire diameter range 0,05 to 4,0mm

If you are looking for a working partnership or a design solution to a problem we are here to help.

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Pressings, Stampings & Assemblies

NEMA's expertise within metal presswork and stamping makes a real difference. We know how to make the precision components you need to the quality and standards you demand in the timescales you require and at the best possible cost.

From simple stamped components to complex parts including laminations, brackets, clips and latches. Parts can be manufactured from a wide range of materials including stainless steel and titanium.

With more than 60 years' experience we are able to produce batches from a one off to 10,000's. Sample or prototype components can be manufactured for customer assessment prior to larger production runs being started.

All parts are produced in our well equipped workshop using hand and power presses up to 55 ton capacity.